Chocolate chip cookies in the mail…

Today I received a package in the mail of products to test out and review. They were from This site has many great fun items if the three I received were any indication of what they have available. I received some Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder (I am going to save that for a practical joke at work and video that.). I also received some Color Flames Colored Candles that have colored flames. Those look like they will be fun at the next birthday party. I will have to try one of them soon too. Who’s birthday is coming up next. And the third item I received made me thing that maybe I had received some chocolate chip cookies in the mail was 1 Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencil. My Smencil was obviously chocolate scented and I really shouldn’t have used it to write the shopping list for the week as I ended up just listing things like, brownies, chocolate kisses and chocolate chip cookies.

1 Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencil

The Smencil is a good idea for a few reasons. First of all they are made from recycled newspapers and one newspaper can make 400 Smencils. The Smencils come in packs of 10, each one in its own tube and they give off more scent when sharpened. there are 10 flavors including Chocolate, Orange, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Grape, Watermelon, Popcorn, Root beer, Very Berry, and Bubble Gum.

An Item that has but I didn’t receive is a USB Xmas Tree. Being the gadget lover I would have truly enjoyed some holiday cheer on my desk at work with this sweet little USB tree. It would totally rock out on my desk at work.

4 thoughts on “Chocolate chip cookies in the mail…”

  1. I got a Root Beer scented Smencil, and it really smells like root beer, or like those root beer barrel hard candies. Yum! I posted a photo of Kaitlyn “writing” a letter to Santa with the Smencil 🙂 I also got the fake snow and the DVD.

    The website has some interesting stuff, like a glass that holds five beers, and another that holds a whole bottle of wine. Yowsa!

  2. Those are some really interesting products. Can you please tell me how a plastic USB Christmas tree is a productive use of our natural resources? We all whine about how we need to conserve energy and, in fact, in this post you mention how great smelly pencils made from recycled newspaper are but then you mention this USB Christmas tree which is a ridiculous waste of resources.

    No offense but I find it conflicting. Recycling is a good idea; making useless novelty products is a huge waste of resources. Please don’t buy the USB Christmas tree. If you really need a tree for work I will send you a real one. Email me your address and I will hook you up.


  3. Elizabeth,
    I thought that he chocolate one smelled like a chocolate store that I enjoy visiting. The smell brought back some great memories.

  4. Oh Dick, you remind me very much of a friend of mine who likes to stir things up with his commentary, his name is Stephen the Dog and he has a blog too, you might like it. I appreciate the comments and the opposing views you and Tommy present, they are interesting.

    And no offense to you but I also find it contradictory that you have a blog urging people to “move Offline” yet you and your co-author Tommy spend so much time posting comments on blogs and authoring one as well. Do you comment on many blogs or am I just one of your favorites? Actually I can’t be because you guys hate bloggers, or is it just Tommy that hates bloggers?

    Not that I don’t appreciate the comments. I love comments and discourse and if bloggers start talking about you and Tommy then you are going to get plenty of links. Stirring up conversations by playing Devil’s Advocate surely will get you quite the link bait. Good luck with the blog that is about hating bloggers and all that is wrong with technology. Sounds like an interesting concept.

    As far as a USB Christmas tree it is an LED item and LEDs have very low power consumption. But I can see that it does contradict the them of recycling that the Smencils present.

    While I appreciate the offer of a free tree that you would send me too. I’ll have to pass though I don’t generally give out my address. You can certainly plant one in my name.

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