Christmas gifts for the senior citizens in your life….

Okay, how many times have you heard some senior citizens tell you that the cell phone that they have is just too complicated? Well, I know of one senior citizen in my life who can’t quite figure out voice mail. I know, I have had to fix it quite a few times. Well, I wish we had known about This is a company that makes cell phones for senior citizens as well as provides them with affordable cellphone plans. These are well functioning easy to use phones without all the bells and whistles that say I would love to have. The phones are simple and simply work. This doesn’t mean however that you won’t be able to leave a voice mail for your senior friend. In fact, voice mail is so easy to use with a jitterbug that you might want it for yourself. If you are looking for gifts for senior citizens in your life then you might want to get them a jitterbug plan. The plans are inexpensive and easy to understand, not complicated like the mess that I deal with for my cell phone company.

I have often talked to people who are looking for a phone that simply makes phone calls. They would be perfect candidates for the senior cell phones that offers. The phones themselves are designed with seniors in mind, the earpieces are cushioned and they have a powerful speaker so that the conversation is heard loud and clear. The buttons are large and easy to see and so is the number on the screen display. By dialing “0” you will reach a live Jitterbug operator who will greet you by name. They can assist in calling specific numbers or people and help with any questions that you may have. There are also simple “Yes” and “No” buttons instead of icons. Connecting to voice mail is done through using the yes and no buttons which makes it much easier to retrieve.

There is also the Jitterbug OneTouch, a phone that is even more simple to use. There are three big buttons on the OneTouch. There is a button for 911, a button that can be programmed for the most frequently called person and a number for the Jitterbug operator who can assist you with any calls that you may want to make. You can also have a personal phone list that can be managed by a family member that you trust, so for example your son or daughter can make sure that when you want to call your grandchildren their numbers are always up to date.

There are plans like the Simply Share Plan where you have more than one jitterbug and friends and family can share minutes (which last for 90 days instead of only a month) as well as add on minutes (which last a 12 month period). You can have up to 5 users on the same plan and did I mention that jitterbug to jitterbug calls were free. There are so many good services through and the plans are easy to understand and affordable, you should check into it for the senior citizen in your life.

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  1. While I was looking for some more information about Christmas Shopping for senior citizens, I find this blog entry. It has really crossed my expectation.
    I can read it without stumbling, and get the message without a need for a second reading.
    I agree with you, elderly persons are not comfortable with Cell Phones! This must be a great gift for them.

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