Christmas Memories

One of my earliest Childhood memories about Christmas is when I was 5 years old and my grandparents Williams gave me a Lego set. One of the original sets with plain red and black and grey bricks, the standard little guys with the smiley faces. With this set you got an entire book of things you could create. One of those being a Mac Truck. I built that truck and spent hours playing with it. What a fantastic toy. My imagination gave me more fun than any other toys until I got into the Transformers. At 10 years old when I got my first Transformer (Wheeljack and then Prime) my imagination was sparked again. I would spend hours setting up battles with my Transformers, then I would take each apart with a tiny screwdriver set (pilfered from my father and then stripped pretty bare because I unscrewed everything.) and then put back together. I still have the love for the Transformers and thought I would share with you the view looking back at me from my desk.

Grimlock – 2005 Mustang GT

Tracks – Z06 Corvette
Swindle – Jeep Wrangler
Silverstreak – Subaru WRC
Dead End – Dodge Viper

Sideswipe – Dodge Viper Convertible
Hound – Jeep Wrangler
Jazz – Mazda RX8
Bluestreak – Subaru WRT
Optimus Prime – Mack Truck

My ‘Army’ or ‘Parking Lot’ depending upon my mood.