Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas. I’m writing this blog post with the Treo while we are on our ride up to New Hampshire. Christmas 2005 has been very good to us. We are married. We have a great family. We have wonderful friends. Can’t complain at all.

Last night we gave Shelby a digital camera and photo printer. A sweet little setup because she doesn’t need a computer to print her pictures.

We gave my dad a Harley Davidson ornament, a Harley Santa hat, a Sturgis long sleeve T-shirt and a children’s book “Why Grandpa Rides A Harley“, and a DVD copy of Bullit. I’m looking forward to watching that one.

We gave Tara a book called Trail of Thread that goes with a pattern for a quilt that is described in the book. I got that in Kansas at the Bison Farm. We also gave Tara & Erik a gift card for Target. Erik was given Dodgeball the unrated edition and a black golfball from Three Rivers Whitewater.

We gave Mom the Christopher Williams Unbroken Song Christmas CD. And when I was in Kansas I picked up the Frank Baum 70th anniversary edition Wizard of Oz for her too.

We got Dan the Live at Fenway CD/DVD set from Jimmy Buffett. For Marcia we got her some gloves. Nate and Sarah got some towels and some shirts for Nate and a scarf and gloves for Sarah.

For both sets of parents we made a certificate for a wedding album (to be created later through Kodak Gallery).

And we were very fortunate in the gifts that we received.

We had Christmas dinner with Dan & Marcia and T.R. & her mom Allison. Lindsay and her sister Sara and her baby came over for a visit. Allison got her baby fix and Marcia figured what she wants for Christmas next year.

24 hours of a Christmas Story is on. I’ve been trying to watch it all the way through but I keep missing certain parts. Now the major award is being delivered. I love the voiceover by Jean Shepard. This is such a classic movie. The tongue on the flagpole, the weird kid in the department store, the duck is ‘smiling’ at me. Fa, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, “Ohhhh… Fuuuuudddddge! Only I didn’t say Fudge”.

so, I wrote this on the Treo over the past day and then tried to send it to the blog, only to find out I had well exceeded the limits of a post via e-mail with the Treo. So I beamed the memo to Dan’s Palm device, hot synched it with his pc and then cut and paste it into a blog post. If there is a technical work around out there I tend to find it. Merry Christmas.