Classic Movies Weekend

This weekend Allison and I viewed two classic movies. On Friday night we saw An Officer and A Gentleman. The classic movie of the bad boy becoming a good man. Richard Gere and Loius Gossett Jr. were incredible. It was interesting to watch the movie and pick out people who have gone on to other things.

For instance did you know that CSI Miami’s David Caruso was in An Officer and A Gentleman. It wasn’t until the credits that my suspicions, about who the character was, were confirmed.

On Saturday night Allison and I watched what is considered the greatest movie of all time, Citizen Kane. It wasn’t until the featurette at the end of the film that I understood the full scope of what Orson Wells achieved in this film and how much of a genius he was. (And until yesterday I thought his genius was at its pinnacle when he was the voice of Unicron in the Transformers Movie) He changed movie making forever with this film.

Both movies were obtained from the local library. I love the library. My year long challenge to myself of making use of the library for all of books I read and the movies I watch (That I would have otherwise bought or rented) for one year is well under way.

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  1. All of those films stated up there are cool but let me tell you about a real classic. It is called “Leon”, the power of love, one shouldn’t be talking about the borders of a good film without watching this film first. Apart from this Jean Reno is the coolest actor ever. See it with your own eyes.

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