Clean house, sell it all…

Today, as I await the arrival of Allison and Eva from their trip to Vermont, I took the opportunity to do some house cleaning. Yes, what a way to end a Guy Weekend, but I do have to take care of a bunch of things around here. One of those things is to decide if there are things that we should sell. Recently an iSold It on eBay store opened in our area. I have been dragging butt to get things over there that I want to sell. Things like an extra Official Transformers Collectors Convention 2003 Sideswipe figure. I also have the two pack of Roulette and Shadow Striker and an extra SunStreaker. Here is the Sideswipe figure mint in the box, the problem is the boxes had a flimsy plastic on them and the window looks beat up, however there was nothing that you could do about this.

2003 OTCC Figure SideSwipe

I have a huge collection of Transformers and while a couple more wouldn’t make a big deal, they are extra and I bet someone might want to buy them. The problem is that I personally haven’t had the best of luck with eBay. There was one time when I sold some action figures that days before had gone for $200. Mine went for $61 and then I had to ship them to Canada and well it was a huge hassle and I didn’t make out well on the deal at all.

That is just one of my problems with selling on eBay, the other is the time it takes. Sure I could throw a listing up quickly and I take all my own photos it is the researching for a good asking price, I’m not a well known seller and a few other factors. With iSold It as my seller I could benefit greatly and have to do much less work in the long run. Well, I should get back to cleaning and see about taking some items to my local iSold It store. What I sell could help me buy that new lens I really want, or pay for the two lenses that I am renting for an upcoming photo trip.

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4 thoughts on “Clean house, sell it all…”

  1. We used a reseller here in town after my in-laws made several attempts at Ebaying stuff with little success. If you don’t ebay a lot companies like that are well worth it – they managed to move a LARGE capier we never thought would sell.

    Sandy Allen’s last blog post..little boy in blue

  2. Yeah, like you I tried to sell some extra stuff. But for some reason I didn’t have any takers for my extra kidney… Oh, well. 🙂 It’s been a long time Drew, hope all is well.

    Don Oskowski’s last blog post..Martin the Spartan

  3. Yeah, I think it will be the way to go, however the place looked empty when I drove by last night, I hope they haven’t closed already.

  4. Hey Don,
    I am glad to hear from you, I take it you got my e-mail asking for help. I appreciate that you dropped by to comment. I hope that all is well with you too, did you hit free comic book day, I hope you did. Don’t be a stranger.

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