Client Work on Rainy Days

Raindrops on flowers
Photo-A-Day #2217

It was a bit rainy today so when there was a break in the rain I ran outside to get today’s photo. I love how rain drops look on the plants. Sometimes I will spray water on the plants to get shots like these but they never look as good with the fake rain drops. I love the vibrant red of this tulip too. The flower itself is almost dead but being this close it still has some life in it.

Today was one of the days that I’d been looking forward to since I moved to weekends. I have a day that I’ll be working on Client projects. I always felt that doing a little bit of a client’s project each day didn’t give me enough time to really dig into the project sufficiently. Now I can devote a solid few hours when I am fresh to get work done.

4 thoughts on “Client Work on Rainy Days”

    1. That is okay other flowers are coming right behind those. And then more behind those. We have you and Tara to thank for that.

  1. Wow. The colors here are so vibrant! I had to go back and look at the photo again when you said the flower was almost dead; I didn’t notice it the first time because it just looks so fresh and vibrant. =)


    1. Delena,

      Yeah the tulips burn out so fast. He get a hard rain and they are blown apart, otherwise they shrivel quickly. They are pretty but certainly not hearty.

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