Cold Snap

Photo-A-Day #3142

Got up this morning and Allison and Eva had to head out for an appointment and I had a play date with Andrew so we were getting ready early. I noticed a small drop in water pressure when I took my shower and then Allison noticed a drop when she went to wash something. She asked me if I was running a load of laundry. I wasn’t. We could hear water running and she discovered the source of the water. The outside pipe to the sprinkler system had a busted cap and water was bubbling, spraying out of it. This was earlier than past years and Dad and I usually blow the water out of the pipes and shut off everything going outside. Well, the cold came way too early this year and missed the window.

Luckily, because we have done that task the past two years I knew exactly where the shutoffs were located and how to shut them off. Hopefully it wasn’t running, too long.