Create Your Own Comic Strip…

Do you think that you are funny? Maybe you want to write a comic strip but you can’t draw well. Or maybe you have something funny to say on your blog and you want to use a comic strip to say it.

If any of those ideas appeal to you then you can check out With you can pick and choose characters, objects and text boxes to create your own little comic strips and post them as a blog on I created my own which is located at You can make your own comic strips with the site. It is fun, check it out.

I found this site through Dan at Florida Venture Blog by Dan Rua

This is a fun thing but nothing compared to the great web comics that are out there doing their thing every day. Like our friend Wes Molebash who is the creator of You’ll Have That. There’s a guy who writes a great web comic strip.

Wes has put out two books, collected editions of his comic series. But they aren’t selling like they should. So now Wes is working at a One shot to be published through Viper Comics to get the word spread about YHT. As you may know Wes came and stayed with us this past summer and did a book signing. We bought a bunch and gave them out to a bunch of people. Those folks liked the books and I know you will like them too so please help Wes out and visit his site and read the comics, and buy one of his books. You will not be disappointed.