Currency even makes the Metaverse go round…

Second Life, Entropia, and IMVU are large online metaverses. I’ve heard of Second Life before and thought of starting an account. I just don’t have the time to go and play that game when I have so much blogging to get done. There is no way that I could earn enough credits on those games to make it worthwhile to enjoy play.

I did find a site called metaRL that can help me to get free imvu credits if I wanted to play that game.

If I’m speaking Greek to you right now let me explain a few things about metaRL. Each of these online games users earn credits with which to buy things in those virtual worlds. metaRL is a place where you can take surveys, play games, complete tasks and enter contests. When you participate you get metaPoints. You can convert those points into the currency of any virtual world. You can even refer friends and earn more metaPoints as well. Your ability to earn points continues to increase as metaRL comes up with new and exciting ways for point earning.