Deadwood Mantle

Photo-A-Day #2804

Tuesday’s are our crazy run around days. There is school, nursing home visit, dance class and knitting. But today, while we still had those things going on I also had two doctor’s appointments, one for my thumb (doing much better and can actually bend like a normal thumb nearly 87%) and my eyes (doing great). But we were lucky that my Aunt Corrine took Eva for the day and my Mom picked Eva up from dance and brought her home. It gave Allison some alone time with Andrew. Me, I got some quality Skylanders time and have nearly all our figures leveled up in anticipation for what Santa is bringing which would be all those Skylanders figures I bought when they came out in October. Luckily Skylanders has been the only thing that Eva has said that she wants for Christmas. For some reason she will not write a list or even say what it is she wants except for Skylanders and a Baby Wanna Walk, to which everyone has replied “You’ve got one of those at home and his name is Andrew”.

I think that she is really going to be excited to get the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS XL, though. Those are coming from Santa as family gifts. Anyone in the family can use them (except Andrew until he stops putting everything he can grab right into his mouth. I got him something fun though so I think he won’t mind not playing video games.

I’m enjoying a new app for the iPhone called KitCam. There are a ton of lenses, film and frames to choose from and you can export to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Dropbox, FTP, Email and even save to your camera roll. You can also send a picture postcard and edit with photoforge 2. A very versatile camera app and I’m enjoying it especially after the latest update to Instagram. Now your photo doesn’t automatically save to your camera roll like it used to, which stinks because I often used Instagram for my photo a day project. Now I’m not sure how to save those images to my phone. So today’s photo was done using KitCam. The film option on that is called Deadwood and I am really enjoying it.