Did We Get Them All?

Photo-A-Day #3149

It has been a busy week around here. After Last Week’s unfortunate water issue with the outside sprinklers My Dad came over a couple of days this week to help me flush the lines and also clean up a bunch of the leaves and overgrown jungle of a yard.

Together we stuffed 32 of the 30 gallon lawn waste bags with leaves and sticks and you name it. The yard looks 100% better and this coming year the focus is to actually get a lawn growing in the back yard so that the kids have a nice place to play.

The next project for me is to clean out the garage once the city comes to pick up all the leaves. That way we can get Allison’s car into the garage when it snows and I can take the racks off my car. I’m pretty sure no more kayaking for me this year.