Dinner with Andy and Rondi

Last night Allison and I went to visit our friends Andy and Rondi at their new house. It’s a great ranch and they’ve already done so much work to it. Andy took us on the tour of the house which includes a great huge basement. I have basement envy at the moment. It’s much worse than the table envy that Andy has.

Speaking of the table that is where I am writing this post from, the new lift top table, (see yesterday’s Photo-A-Day.) because for some reason I cannot get onto Verizon this morning. I am going to check that soon because I have a feeling that because I called the other day to see if I could cancel my DSL service (so I could get on my family’s wireless network) they canceled the service even though I went back and forth with the guy about the $99.00 cancellation fee (I got into a year long contract before my dad got ComCast and we set up the wireless network. I was into the contract for 34 days, 4 days more than when I could have canceled for free.). So I don’t know what is wrong with Verizon but it would be my luck that they canceled it on me even though I told them not too.

Back to last night. Allison and I went to Andy and Rondi’s for dinner and games. Dinner was great with a salad with crasins, walnuts and feta, and mashed potatoes and BBQ chicken. Mr. Tubb’s BBQ sauce apparently is under pressure because it exploded on my hand when I opened it, but its tasty stuff because his life is in it. What a weird tagline for a BBQ sauce. When you are in the grocery store sometimes pick up some Mr. Tubb’s BBQ sauce and read it, but be careful contents are under pressure.

After dinner we played Catch Phrase or rather Smack it (what Allison calls it.). The guys won that one, and then we played Taboo, and the ladies were the winners there. We ended up talking to about 11:45 and then made our way home. We had a great night hanging out with Andy and Rondi and were the first people to see the fireplace get used in that house, ever. And it was just cool enough last night that a fire made things very toasty and cozy. Congratulations on the new house guys, we look forward to spending more time with you guys soon.

Got some pictures too. You see Andy reads the blog almost as often as I post so of course there are gonna be pictures.

Grilling like manly men.

The final scores of Taboo. Rondi said many times, that’s gonna be on the blog, and well this thing did make it onto the blog. 🙂