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Photo-A-Day #1829

Today I started doing a Twitter Search for the keywords of Geotagging and Geotag. I found a very interesting Tweet by someone who mentioned EveryTrail. This is a program that you can get on your Android, iPhone,Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones. So I downloaded it for my Droid and we went for a walk.So, the program uses the GPS in your phone and you can record your trips as you walk, bike, run or hike. You can even use it when you go paddling. We took a nice long family walk. As you go on your trip you can take photographs and they will automatically be geotagged. When I got home I stopped the recording and my phone uploaded the trip and photos I took. Later I signed on to the site and was able to see the whole trip. On the phone the map was a mess. It showed that we walked across the ocean from Espana to the US. That was my one complaint. The other was that taking photos was slow and when you are walking or hiking it takes a while to take the photo and then save it.

When I took a look on the EveryTrail website I was able to see every point of our trip. The photos were very accurately geotagged. Everywhere I went and took a photo was documented really well. This is what it looks like on the site.

So, I need to play with this program much more. I like it pretty well but was just messing with it right now. The good thing that it can do is allow you to caption each image, name each image and I think add tags to images. However Even though I told the software to save each image it didn’t get saved, it got uploaded but I couldn’t get the image from the phone. I had to download the image from the EverTrail site. When I did this this image had no EXIF data on it. I was hoping that I could grab a copy that had the data. So I will continue to play with the program. So far I am pretty excited about using it.

This program compliments the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Mini pretty well. I think that both of them together would make a pretty powerful combination.

On a personal level, Allison and I spent the afternoon as a table couple at the Marriage Prep Course at our Church. This was our third time as a table couple and I think that next time we will be giving one of the talks. I think that our talk will be about budgeting and building a home together. It should be fun. The day was a good one.

5 thoughts on “Documenting EveryTrail”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Drew, I can’t wait to try it…should be fun on our vacation to DC!

    1. Matt,
      That would be a great thing because you could share the trail and also photo that you take at the specific locations.

  2. This looks like a great applications.Is it available for Symbian S60v5. I have Nokia 5230 and i would like to try it on my phone.
    Please reply.

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