Don White at Tupelo

Last night Allison and I and Marcia and Dan and Erin and Bart and Dick and Vivian went to see Don White and The Loomers play at Tupelo Music Hall. The Loomers were the best I had ever seen them. I think that getting their CD at the last show and listening to it a few times made this show even more enjoyable. It was fun to hear Dead End Street. The Loomers played about 4 or 5 songs and then Don White came on stage (after a five minute intermission).

Don started with Rascal, that always gets the crowd going. And I could tell that he had been honing his stories even more since the last concert. Yes they were the same stories but he had added certain embellishments to each that made each story new and refreshing. After Rascal Don told the story of the accordion door and played the song Brown Eyes Shine. Then he told the story of the cantankerous old man society and played Be 16 With Me. You would think that 3 songs would have been over in about 15 minutes. Nope not with Don. With Don you get fantastic stories between during and after each song. The uninitiated (Dick and Vivian) got a huge kick out of the show. They were laughing and laughing all night.

Don brought up his son Lawren and the bass player from The Loomers and played an old old song called One Meatball. After that all of The Loomers came up and they played with Don. The songs played (if I am remembering correctly) were Project Girl, Not Scared Anymore, The Lumper Song, Angle in Pieces and I know Exactly What Love Is. Such a great night of music and a great time with good friends and family.

We picked up a CD for Neil and Andrea (Live in Michigan) and we bought the latest The Loomers CD called Shine.

Here are some Pictures from the Show.

The Loomers

Don White and The Loomers. Don with his Joey Ramone Hair.

Dan, Marcia, Dick and Vivian

Allison, Me, Bart and Erin (Sorry we got your eyes closed on this one Erin.)

Okay one more of Clyde because he is so dang cute. Here he is exhausted.