Don’t LEGO My Heart

Photo-A-Day #3234

For our Valentine’s Day we had a no school day for Eva so we were able to have a nice family breakfast. Andrew Helped Allison mix up the pancakes. We also had Kielbasa as we had forgotten to get sausage and bacon, both. But Kielbasa stepped up and was great for breakfast. It was a nice breakfast. Allison had the kids make some sweet card for me and they got me some Peanut M&Ms and a LEGO creator set. Eva picked that out.

Wisk Time

I then packed for Toy Fair while Eva and Allison watched Turbo and played Just Dance Kids. We picked those up yesterday from RedBox for the Snow Day. The snow was awful, heavy and then it rained. Not fun.

Later in the afternoon I helped Eva build sets for her very own LEGO movie. She has it in her head that she wants to make a LEGO movie. She asked me how movies get sponsors and other things that are way beyond a six year old, well any other six year old. Eva had me making houses for her 16 characters. We wrote out the character list and gave everyone names. I was trying to reign her in a little because she was all over the place. Once we get some more things built we can start making the video together. So I have to learn about stop motion video.

I had a call with the folks from Cooper and Kid today about promoting the site and the Cooper Kit. I have a ton to write about later this week on Catch because of Toy Fair. I can’t wait.

After the conference call we went out for a family movie to see The LEGO Movie. It was amazing. We all had so much fun with this movie. It was so well done and there is a twist in there that I didn’t see coming but really should have. And there was a point where I am sure that Allison was looking at me and nodding like, Yeah, that is you.” I took a few more photos after the movie.

LEGO Movie Audience
Eva loved this movie so much.

Post LEGO Movie Face
This is what happens when you have to placate a 2-year old with Junior Mints, M&Ms and Fruit Snacks to get him to sit still in the movie theater.

We finished off the night with a nice take out dinner from House of Fortune. Andrew entertained us with his chopsticks antics.