Down on the corner… PAD #1023

Down on the Corner... PAD #1023

On the home front today it was all about Eva. We spent the day together. Allison went to a baby shower for our friend Marybeth. I spent the afternoon with Eva. We took a walk around town and I took my camera. We saw all sorts of things along the way.

I really like the architecture of some of the buildings in town. There is the Grace Episcopal church, and the Library next Door. The church has a beautiful stained glass window that I have only seen from the outside. I will have to go visit the church to get some photos of the window from the inside. Next Door to the Church is our local library. I love this library, it is where I used to go after school to study with my friends when I was in grade school. The building has some very interesting details to it.

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Also on the walk I saw a hot air balloon, I took a photo but it was so small and far away that it wasn’t worth putting up. I also saw this cute, but dying, snow woman, or snow child, I can’t tell how big it had been.


I of course also took some photos of Eva. And who wouldn’t want more photos of this adorable kid.

012608_1023f 012608_1023e

We spent part of the morning taking videos of her on our cell phones and sending them to Allison’s parent’s. I even posted one to my mobile blog. After we were tired of that game I read Eva a great book that we got from Kohls. It was called Dog Train and wasn’t really a book to read, rather it was a lyrics book for the awesome CD that came with it. The book has some amazing songs from bands like Blues Traveler, The Spin Doctors and The Bacon Brother’s. I’ll be reviewing the book on my blog Read To Me, Dad. Allison took a couple of photos of me reading to Eva.

012608_1023h 012608_1023g

I am under the gun at the moment trying to get this post up and be ready to go out for dinner with our good friends Neil and Andrea. We are going to see a Billy Joel tribute band at the local racetrack (odd venue I know). So I am editing photos on one computer and writing this post with another. I better get even better with my multitasking because I have a new gig starting next month on the IZEA Blog. I got chosen to be a guest blogger for 6 months on the IZEA blog. It was announced today. Also chosen was Skeet. She is awesome and I am glad to be joining the ranks with her alongside guest blogging sensation (in his own mind) Mr. Fab. You know I love you man.

Some other things to note are, Next week I am going to Chicago. I will be having lunch with Posties Robyn and Lisa. I am so excited. Robyn even posted a message about it on her blog Windy City Restaurant Hopper. Lisa saw the post and will be joining the fun as well. We are having lunch at Sweet Baby Rays. I can’t wait for some great BBQ. And after that I will be heading to Indiana where I hope to meet up with Karen from The Pond.

Well, I have to run, record the utter for the day, get ready for tonight and also get all these photos posted. Busy stuff.

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20 thoughts on “Down on the corner… PAD #1023”

  1. Mahalo Drew! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Being mentioned right alongside you and the Fabulous one – whom we all love, because he might inflict pain if we didn’t – has me walking on clouds. And scared. And excited. But mostly honored just to be considered a peer of two bloggers I admire greatly. 😀

    Eva is looking more beautiful every day. Who’d have thought it possible?!

  2. Welcome to the fold, my friend. You and The Skeetster are awesome choices!

    I have not met Robyn, but I am jealous of you getting to see Lisa again. I miss her!

  3. Congratulations on being chosen to blog on the Izea blog! I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. See ya next week!

  4. Skeet,
    Thanks so much for the kind words about me as well as the kind words about Eva. Yep, she is looking more beautiful each day even when she has Grump face.

    I am going to sketch out a plan of action so that my posts are well thought out and not thrown together, there is much to prepare for, I want to do well. I know you will do an awesome job.

  5. Mr. Fab,

    You missed meeting Robyn at Postiecon, shame on you. Robyn has some great blogs (anyone with a decent restaurant blog and who loves BBQ is okay in my book.) I am excited to see Lisa again too as we didn’t get a whole heck of a lot of time to chat at postiecon but we will on Monday.

    I’m glad to be part of the team for the IZEA blog. I have so much to live up to, should I start learning sculpey techniques? Your ‘tribute’ to Adam was a riot!

  6. Heather,
    I am still hoping to get back to BC. I loved it out there and now laugh every time I watch and episode of Smallville because they use Langley so often (I think someone goes to Smallville Medical in each episode) I always tell Allison that I’ve been there. I think she knows.

    I think I should do my own blog America (and Canada) tour and meet and interview bloggers from all over. It would be great fun.

    Thanks for the nice words about me being a new guest blogger and about Eva’s daily changes.

  7. Thanks Karen,

    I am looking forward to meeting up with you next week. Should be a fun time. I’m so excited to be a guest blogger for IZEA as well. Thanks for the congrats.

  8. CAn I get a HIP HIP HOORAY?!?! That is totally awesome, ya must let us know everytime ya post over there, I’m not a regular reader over there yet.

    I love the pics of the snowman and you with Eva. I never read to my critters until they were able to respond to me reading, most likely because I never had the time, but your doing a grand thing there with that, she looks very content.

  9. Thanks Chica, when I post there I will also post here about the post there. Cross promotion and all.

    The snowman was fun, it looked so cute. Allison had taken a photo of Eva and me on the couch with her cell phone and I asked her to take a bunch with the real camera for my other blog Read To Me, Dad. We’ve been reading to Eva since before she was born. That is where the idea for Read To Me, Dad came from.

  10. Hi Drew,
    Good to see everything is tickerty boo with with your wife and Eva.Like the way you have included a brief description with each picture. That would be something that would be useful on my posts as I could go into a bit of detail about the pictures.
    Could you point me in the direction of how I could do that if you don’t mind and when you have a bit of time.

    Cheers Mark

  11. Congrats on being chosen! You write some great blogs and I’m looking forward to what you have to say on the IZEA blog, along with more pics of Eva!

  12. I LOVE the pictures of the library! The one with the top of the column/roof is really beautiful–the colors and textures contrasted are just fascinating.


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