Downtown Disney Trip…

Eva in her Stroller

Last night Allison, Eva, Marcia, Dan and I went to Downtown Disney for a few hours. After we left IZEA we went to the hotel and then got Dan and Marcia and Allison and Eva settled. We made a quick turn around and headed out to Downtown Disney.

When we got there we started looking for a place to eat. We tried Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant but the wait was 2 /12 hours. And that was at around 4:30pm. So it was busy already. It didn’t look busy though, no line or anything. Must have been many people who made reservations. Well, since we were going to look around anyway I ran over to the pin shop to get a special edition Bike Week 2008 pin and a Leap Day 2008 pin featuring Tinkerbell. This will be Eva’s first pin.

Dinner was sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich. This worked out very well as they were fairly light, not too expensive, tasty and fast. We also hit some sort of lull in the chaos because we were able to get a seat, place our orders and eat before the crowds got too huge.

After that we walked all over Downtown Disney. We stopped in many different shops and Mimi and Grandpa Dano picked up a few things for Eva. She has some new bibs, socks and a book called the Art of Pooh. Which probably is more for Allison than Eva right now.

We had a great time and I took many photos. The sky was pretty amazing over The Fulton’s Crab House Steamboat.

Here are some more photos.

Sunset Sky at Downtown Disney

8 thoughts on “Downtown Disney Trip…”

  1. Great to see a picture of Eva! Memere says she grew up. I think she looks mischievous. Must be the Grandparents influence. Have fun.

  2. I’ll do a pin post soon. I got another one tonight. The pin is a Motorcycle. It is Bike Week in Daytona.

  3. Dad, you can click on the photo to go see the others or go to the link I put that shows the other photos. I will get the Sea World ones up as soon as I can too.

  4. Thanks very much Stan. She is certainly a cutie. We love her so. You should see the photos I took at Sea World. I’ll have them up sometime tomorrow.

  5. Getting seated at a restaurant in Downtown Disney for a decent time is a bitch, especially on weekends. I met Dave from Blogography there a month or so ago and we had a 2 hour wait at Rainforest Cafe. It’s crazy.

    Avitable’s last blog post..Lazy Sunday XXXIX

  6. We’ve had good luck before, but only with a few days planning ahead of time. It is certainly not a place for spontaneity. But we had sandwiches that were tasty and much less expensive.

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