Drawing at Barbers North

Drawing at Barbers North
Photo-A-Day #1358

Today Allison, Eva and I went to Sterling to have lunch with Great-Grandma Eva, Great-Grandpa-John, Great-Grandma Jackie, Great-Grandpa Bob, Uncle Nate and Auntie Sarah. We had a very nice lunch at a place called Barbers North. They have a great menu for lunchtime and many choices.

We celebrated Christmas together at the restaurant. Everyone had a wonderful time and the people at the restaurant were very nice and so good with Eva. Eva walked all over place and had so much fun. She was pretty tired by the time we left too.

Nate and Sarah had some wonderful news today. They are going to be parents. Allison and I will become an Aunt and an Uncle. Eva will have a first cousin. We are so very excited for them. They were so generous to us and Eva as well. She has a nice new “My Very Own Kitchen” to play with. She’s gonna love playing with that.

We gave out our gifts to everyone and they loved the photo book of Eva’s 1st year. I have some nice photos from the day in my Christmas 2008 Flickr Set.

6 thoughts on “Drawing at Barbers North”

  1. Wow, Eva’s pretty good with a red crayon already, isn’t she? 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful Christmas gathering!

    P.S. would like to munch on Eva’s cheeks nom nom nom!

  2. Elizabeth,
    Oh yeah, that red crayon, she is very skilled with it. 🙂 We had a very nice time. And yes Eva does have such chewable cheeks.

  3. Sadie got a kitchen too!! It was the best thing we could have gotten her! If only the food she has been cooking was real! I would never have to cook again!

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