Dual Star-Lords

Photo-A-Day #3396

For the foreseeable future pretty much everything will be about Guardians of the Galaxy. When I went on my trip a week or so ago I got to see the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy. It was an amazing movie and I can’t wait to see it again. I’ve been consuming everything I can regarding the team and I was lucky enough to receive a huge box of Guardians of the Galaxy toys including a Star-Lord figure. I now have two figures. The larger figure I got from my trip. The figure has lights and sounds including the actual voice of Chris Pratt (My interview with him going live this Monday). The smaller figure is from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series. It came with an extra head and additional accessories. I have to collect the full line of Guardians of the Galaxy figures to get the figure of Groot. There is a piece of Groot in with each of the other characters.