Enjoying the Local Flavor

Photo-A-Day #3432

Honey Dew Donuts has the tagline of “Enjoy the Local Flavor”. On the way home from work this morning I learned that Allison has had a very bad night and everyone was still sleeping so that meant missing Church. We try to go together when I get home on Sunday before I bed down for the day before work. Today my cough had caught up with me and it was a difficult day all together to try and sleep and manage this cold. Finally I just gave in to the cold and had to call out sick for the night.

But, before that I got everyone donuts and a coffee for Allison plus some smoothies for the kids to split. One for myself, too, for my throat. The donuts and the Honey Dew Mascot on them that were drawn but one of the girls working at Honey Dew. She did a really nice job with it. The kids were delights to tear into the donuts. So were we. I love the Honey Dew Donuts over Dunkin Donuts.