Entrecard overload…

Don’t get me wrong I really love Entrecard and the traffic that has come my way from it. I have been doing the 300 a day drops each day for a couple of weeks and it has come back to me tenfold in visits from other Entrecard users. I have noticed something about what I do online. I get pulled into a site and do all that I can to find out the most about the use of a site or service and I write about it for a while and it becomes my online world for some time. This is what Entrecard has done to me this past month. But it is a bit difficult to drop 300 cards a day. There are many blogs that I frequent daily and they have such great posts that I stop and read them and there goes a few minutes, throughout the day that adds up.

This happened with Radar.net, FuelMyBlog and also Utterz. I have since incorporated those sites into my daily life (Radar.net not so much as Utterz totally dominates on the mobile blogging front.) I still write for Fuel, on occasion and I need to write up another post next Tuesday. I use Utterz each and every day to talk about my blog posts. I love how Utterz is so easy to use and I use it to publish to many different blogs.

I’d like to be able to put an Entrecard on each blog but right now it is a one card per e-mail address thing. The traffic that has been generated through Entrecard has been amazing and I’d like to see that happen to my other blogs as well.

I also like that many Entrecard droppers have taken to commenting on this blog and my daily photos. Thanks so much. I’ve actually moved into the top 10 today.


10 thoughts on “Entrecard overload…”

  1. I’ve made it my personal entrecard policy to not worry about getting my 300 drops per day and actually try to be useful traffic.

    Right now, most entrecard traffic to my site is junk traffic (low time on page 4 sec average and high bounce rate).

    I figure that if I use entre card to be junk traffic then I am adding to the problem.

    Quality over quantity. IMO

  2. I find that I get some short traffic. I won’t call it junk because I don’t believe that any traffic is junk. Sure, someone spends a short amount of time on my blog one day, but then another day they decide that one of my posts is important enough to them to comment. So it is up to me to pull readers into the conversation on my blog.

    I appreciate that you stopped to add to the conversation. Thanks very much.

  3. I’m an EntreCard user and I recommend it to all my virtual friends. I don’t drop all that often because I get caught up in the blog postings and forget, but I here now….

    There are many social networks out there that increase traffic but EntreCard is “pretty” for the want of a better word. For the most part it’s artistic, attractive and I find a joy to look at. I just have to remember to click.

  4. Entrecard is easy to use and that is why I like it more than sites like Blog Catalog and the like. I find I get better traffic from Entrecard too. Thanks for stopping and visiting my blog.

  5. You’re so right about Entrecard taking your time, at least for me! I just joined this week and have spent way too many hours reading blogs! It’s fun though — and sometimes educational.

    Love your blog!

  6. It takes time but it has been worth the traffic as well as all the great people who have been commenting. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. No secret, I chain drop, I use linky and I go to a few sites every day so I just make sure I hit 300, it does take time.

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