Eureka: What about Bob?

Spoilers: Beware.

I know that is US only. There is nothing I can do about it. In fact I was banging my head against the wall last week in London when I couldn’t watch the premiere of Eureka.

So this was episode #2 for season 3. I enjoyed this episode very much especially with all the liberties they took in making a 12,000 acre biosphere beneath Eureka. I also loved that Fargo hacked the system to watch the people in the biosphere like he was watching a reality show.

Some good things came about in this episode like the return of Henry to Eureka. I was wondering how long they would keep him in prison, seems like he got out much faster than Earl did on My Name is Earl. That is a good thing because Henry, Carter and Stark are the money team as Zane put it. They are the ones who get things done in Eureka.

Still no Taggart, is he still on the show? Does anyone know?

So it seems that “The Fixer” is much smarter than we thought, because she had everyone running all over the place and she made a bunch of demands on Jo then she rescinded them, all except for the museum. She wanted the old movies from the museum. Yeah, she is good at manipulating people, very good. Interesting to see what will happen with that storyline this season. I wonder what secret she is looking for.

After I watch the show I always read the TV Squad recap. The writers for TV Squad are pretty detailed and usually come up with some great observations. Then if there aren’t many I’ll read the comments because they make me laugh. People are so irked over the blatant product placement in the show. Someone even wrote, that seeing that Degree ad took me right out of the show. Really? That is funny. The other day on Psych there was an over the top blatant ad for Dunkin Donuts, it made me laugh but didn’t take me out of the show. I just love how pretentious people get about their sci-fi. Seriously, Eureka is poking fun at Sci-Fi and I’m loving it.

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  1. Cynthia,

    I’ve been using Hulu for this now because Sci-Fi doesn’t come in on out TV anymore. I hope you noticed my spoiler warnings before reading this.

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