Eva’s Center for the Arts

Evas Art Box
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Yesterday evening when I awoke from my afternoon pre-work nap. I was greeted by some things on every step of the stairs. Eva had laid out a bunch of her things and she informed me that they would be going into her Art Box. This was the first that I heard about an Art Box, but Eva wanted to take one of my many boxes from SwagsGiving toys and decorate it. What she really wanted to do was make a box and put the Disney and Sea World Stickers that I had on the box. So for a few minutes before I headed to work yesterday I sat with Eva and we started decorating the box. We’ll probably use it to store the art that she brings home from pre-school because she has a whole Art cart for her art supplies.

Today while I slept Eva had her siblings class at the hospital. Allison took her and she said that the class was good but a bit remedial for Eva. Remedial because Eva asks a ton of questions of us and we do our best to give her actual answers. So she knew many of the answers to the question that the teacher asked. She made a choking hazard checker (decorating toilet paper tube) that we can use to determine which of her toys may be potential hazards and would have to be relocated to her room.

She also got a little bucket with some candy and other things in it. I had just woken up when I saw her come to the bedroom door and put a big lifesaver just inside the door where I could find it when I work up. she’s so sweet.

Baby watch continues. Allison is doing well, the baby is moving and grooving. I’m hoping for a weekday birth since I get a weekend for paternity and it would be all used up if the baby arrives on a weekend. If the baby comes on a week day then It feels like I have longer time off even though it is exactly the same. Which makes me torn because I’d love to see the baby born 11-11-11 which is a Friday.

3 thoughts on “Eva’s Center for the Arts”

  1. These are exciting times!! I love the idea for the choking hazard checker! Eva is going to be an amazing big sister! I can’t wait to see the little one in her arms:) She’ll take great care of him or her! Take care of all of you:)

    1. Mo,

      Thanks very much. Allison said that when Eva was taught how to hold a baby she was surprised at how heavy the prop baby was. We had a baby at our house today and I used my magic soothing voice to calm the baby and Eva was right there with me repeating what I said, it was so cute and distracting but mostly cute.

  2. I would also vote for 11-11-11 because I have the day off!! But I can be there in 40 minutes no matter when. I am so excited for you guys and to see how great Eva is going to be with the new baby.

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