Everything is Awesome with Mega M&Ms

Photo-A-Day #3257

M&Ms now has MEGA sized candies. I’ve seen milk chocolate and peanut ones. They may have more but those are the only ones I’ve seen. These things are huge. I bought a large bag of them and think that they would be good in some cookies. Maybe I’ll make some this week.

The Emmett figure came from my friend Jeff Bogle’s daughter. She traded with me for a President Business figure.

Shot with the Samsung NX300 and the 60mm Macro lens.

One thought on “Everything is Awesome with Mega M&Ms”

  1. Drew
    I am an avid M&M’s fan! I have not heard about these new M&Ms. After seeing your post, I’m going to have to scope these out (LOL)! Thanks for the info!

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