Family Game Night with Skylanders Monopoly

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The other day I received Skylanders Monopoly in the mail. Occasionally I receive some very cool Skylanders toys and while I was not asked to review the item I will give you my honest opinion on it.

Monopoly is a touchy subject with many people because it can bring out actions and reactions that we don’t normally have to situations. Allison has Monopoly PTSD from the years of playing it with her brother who bullied everyone into getting his own way in the game. So, we are trying to break from that and have a nice enjoyable game with Eva and hopefully her experience with the game will be much better.

We tried, we really tried.

In Monopoly there are winners and losers. Like life, not everyone gets a ribbon or a prize just for playing. This did not sit well with Eva. She was not thrilled with having to give away her money. She’s almost 6 so she is a little young for the game but we figure we could teach her a little more about numbers and money and things like that. She was very concerned about having the pieces of money that she had when she started the game. “Oh, now I don’t have a $20 anymore. :-(“. We tried to explain that she had all this other money on hand so it was okay if she used the $20 to pay rent.

We actually played for a long enough time for all of the properties to be purchased. Then Andrew woke up so we set him in his chair with some munchies while we set the timer for 20 minutes to finish the game. The person who had the most money (In cash and mortgaged property values) would win the game.

I love playing Monopoly, I just enjoy it very much. It was one of those games that I always wanted to play when I was growing up.

I also love Skylanders and this version of Monopoly from USAopoly gets it right.

The Community Chest and Luck-O-Tron cards totally integrated aspects of the video game against the traditional windfalls or losses that you would get from regular Monopoly and stayed very true to the video game. The properties were unique and fun as well. I also enjoyed the game pieces. Those added a nice touch to the game play. I think the sheep is going to be the coveted piece for Skylanders Monopoly fans. I personally, liked the Chompie.

We had a nice time as a family, we played for about an hour, which was Eva’s limit. I definitely think that we will be playing again soon.

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