Feasting on Asphalt: Part 1

One of my heroes, Alton Brown has a new special on the Food Network called Feasting on Asphalt. It is a series of four episodes where Brown and his crew take to the open road upon their motorcycles, (Glad you finally got one Alton – we talked about motorcycles back when Allison and I met him in 2003 at a book signing for his book Gear for My Kitchen)

Here is what the Food network has to say about the show.
Feasting on Asphalt

Get your motor running! Eat out on the highway!

Helmet snug and biker chains dangling, the inimitable Alton Brown is Feasting on Asphalt –a (working) title only he could dream up. Atop his motorcycle, Alton sets out on Route 66 to experience the most colorful cuisine that storied highway has to offer. From secret hamburger hideaways to delicious truck stop diners, he reveals the heartland havens that make up the culinary heritage of America.

This show should be fantastic and for many reasons. First of all it combines two things I love, motorcycles and food. The road trip through back roads to find those places that are not part of some corporate chain is so much fun. Whenever I travel to places I try and find something that is not a major chain, most often I am not disappointed in my meal. Not for nothing, but I had thought that a show that featured a group of riders going from place to place and dining on regional foods along the way would be a fantastic idea for a show. I am glad that Alton Brown has made this a reality. Not a reality show, those are awful.

The show called Feasting on Asphalt is set to premiere on July 29th. Here is the rest of the schedule.

Episode I premieres on Food Network Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 9 PM ET/PT
Episode II – Aug 5
Episode III Aug 12
Episode IV Aug 19
All episodes air at 9 PM ET/PT

During the filming of the show Alton had an accident and broke his clavicle. He is okay but wounded. Be careful Alton, I certainly want you around for many years to come, you’re about the best thing about cooking there is out there.

Here are some articles about the show. I hope you watch it, it should be great.

Press release from Alton Brown’s website.

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Lamar Daily News This story has a few good paragraphs the rest is from Alton’s bio on his website.

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