Finally some good NEWS!

I am talking about a way that bloggers can make money from their blogs by incorporating the News on their blogs. That is right, the News, the news that we watch on our TVs can be embedded into our blog and we bloggers can make money from the videos that we embed via The News Room. For instance I had not heard about this foiled terrorist plot until my brother-in-law told me all about it. He was more informed than I was. So by being able to embed the news into my blogs and get paid to do so I am going to be much better informed and so will my readers.

Sign up for the service is very easy to do. I signed up during the course of this post and was able to pick a video to embed onto this blog. So if major news hits, I can put relevant, timely news directly onto my site and share it with you. Embedding the video was super easy to do, you choose your video, then the layout that you want and then the code is presented to you so that you can easily add it to your blog. I want to explore the uses of this service much more too, because there is so much information that I would like to be able to share with you guys, my readers.

The news stories are fully licensed and can easily be mashed on your own site. Mashing means that the story can be published on your blog. And you earn money easily through this program. You will earn a share of the advertising revenue for each time a mashed news item is viewed on your blog. And if some else find the news story on your blog and mashes it on their blog then you also earn money from that transaction. You can earn up to $4.00 per one thousand impressions. That is above the standards of the industry where the typical CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is about $0.15. Here is the payment chart.

And not only can you earn money through The News Room you can also earn prizes through the loyalty programs that are established with The News Room. Prizes ranging from digital cameras to a new car, that is pretty amazing.

Read my disclosure policy. You can make money with your blog too, click on the referral button.