Flower Girl Rehearsal

Photo-A-Day #2352

Today we drove to the Cape for my sister Shelby’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. We started by picking up my cousin Madison because we asked her to watch Eva tonight while we went to the dinner. She’s taking classes online and had a break between classes so we could shoot down the Cape early. We got ready in the morning and then picked her up and headed down. The weather was perfect.

We got to the Cape and had a lunch at McDonalds. We figured that we’d take care of everything for our eating needs because there was more than enough crazy busy stuff happening at the house. After lunch we went over to the house. There we helped out with what everyone was working on. We had the centerpieces at the house and over across the street the tent was up and Dad, Tim, Chris and Matty D were there putting up some lantern. The beer boat and the Bennett Bar was set up. The location was perfect and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful.

The rehearsal was quick and painless. We met all of the bridesmaids and the ushers. Tim’s brother Kevin was the best man, his brother Chris was an usher. My sister Tara was the matron of honor and Shelby’s friends Kaitlyn, Courtney and Courtney were bridesmaids. Eva was a bit nervous walking down the aisle during the rehearsal. I think that one of the women running things made her nervous and so she walked down the aisle looking a little terrified. But she loosened up. She had a great time with Madison. The two of them laughed all day long.

Shelby picked up a Barbie wedding set that had Barbie, “Justin Bieber” Ken, Skipper and Kelly. Eva loved the set and she carried those dolls around all over the place.

After the rehearsal we dropped Eva and Madison back at the house and then we went to the Landfall for dinner. We had a delicious meal and sat with Tim’s cousin and her family. Tim’s cousin was the photographer for the wedding. We talked shop with cameras and had a nice time. Tim’s dad, chuck, gave a couple speeches and in them he talked about meeting my Sisters, Parents and other folks. I wasn’t mentioned but didn’t figure I would because we’d met only once and I don’t talk much at all when in a big group so I’m not that memorable at times. However, at the end of the night I went over to Chuck and introduced myself. I said, “Hi Chuck, I’m Drew, Shelby’s Brother.” I did it because I knew he’d be able to take a joke. He could. We had a really nice night. But then it was time to get to sleep before the big day.

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