Follow Up on My Review

Back last July I reviewed a pair of glasses from Those glasses have become my primary pair of glasses ever since. I really like how they look on my face. They are also very clear glasses, light glasses and stylish glasses that I enjoy.

So far I’ve ordered and reviewed three pairs of glasses that I got online. The glasses that I now use 99% of the time are the ones I got from They fit the best, look the best and the ones I like the most.

So, for wearing these glasses for close to a year what have I noticed? I’ve noticed that the glasses remain tight and in great condition. I’m also not very good about treating my glasses very well either. I place them on my nightstand each night and I can’t even count how many times I’ve accidentally tossed them across the floor in an early morning haze. Yet, the glasses remain in great condition.

I had a cataract in my left eye and so my prescription is strange. I have one eye that is nearsighted and one that is farsighted. So when I order prescription glasses I am always asked if I’ve entered the right prescription. I was impressed that went and caught that to double check with me.

Taking a look back through the site I can see that there are even more ways for people to order glasses. There are some great things on this site too like the Try-It! Virtual mirror. This is a fun tool that allows you to upload an image either from an existing photo or through your laptop’s web camera. So you can “try out” each pair of glasses that you’d like before you ever buy them. The site also answers all of the other questions about online ordering of glasses.

Finally we can talk about the price of the eyeglasses from The prices are very, very reasonable. I purchased glasses from a traditional store and ended up paying five times the amount that I paid for the glasses from I can make that deal even better for you too. I have a coupon that you can use when you order glasses of your own. The code is Blog10 is for 10% off your order and there is also a March Madness Sale happening where you buy 1 pair of glasses worth $50 or more, get a second pair FREE! Code: 2ndPair. Check them out for a great deal.

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