Frank Caliendo

I recently picked up a 2 cd and 1 DVD set for my Dad for his birthday of Frank Caliendo’s comedy routines. One is called Frank on the Radio which are recordings from Franks Many various appearances on radio morning shows. Nothing from the Bob and Tom shows though, hmm. If you haven’t heard of Frank Caliendo you will. He is on Mad TV and he has also been on many sports shows because he has a great John Madden impression. He also does many other voices. One of the skits on the radio CD is Frank being challenged into incorporating 10 different voices into one topic. The DJ shouts out the names of the people to impersonate and Frank just cranks em out. This has to be one of the best parts of the CD. The other CD is called Make the Voices Stop this is a CD of his standup routine which is hilarious. The DVD is called Giggles Shakey Cam DVD. It is called that because the cameraman is laughing at different times and he moves the camera.

If you want to see some great stuff that Frank has done. Check out his video section of his website. Frank’s Video’s

I really hope that Frank continues to do well, he was a very nice person to meet and hang out with. Back when I was a student at Saint A’s I worked on college orientation and we had Frank there. Then after the show we took him to dinner at Applebees, just me and Frank and the Assistant Dean of Students. Frank was very personable and he has stayed true to his mission to keep his act clean. Check out Frank. And look at who is on Frank’s video page. Optimus Prime of the Transformers. Another reason Frank is great.