Free Shipping on XShot 2.0 till Valentine’s Day

Ted and Me!

The Xshot 2.0 is my favorite gadget for my camera bag. I take it with me everywhere. I received my 1st Xshot, the Xshot 1.0 back in 2007. Michael from Xshot contacted me (Michael is the creator of the Xshot) and he asked me to review the Xshot vs another product that I already had. He wanted to know the good and the bad of the product. I looked it over, tested it out and told him what I thought, what I liked what I did not and how it could be improved. He listened and the Xshot 2.0 came out. I upgraded to the newest version and absolutely love having one so that I can take photos of myself with my friends and family all the time.

At this year’s IZEAFest I was given 12 Xshots by Michael from xshotpix. I was to give the Xshot to bloggers and let them know about the product. Everyone was pretty excited about it and I even saw John Chow playing with his during the sessions.

One very influential person received an Xshot 2.0 and that was Ted Murphy of IZEA. Since then Ted and the IZEA team have been Xshot fanatics. They even got Xshot as an advertiser and now you can purchase the Xshot from my blog as a part of the Social Spark Affiliates program.

Why should you buy an Xshot through my blog?I have been talking about Xshot and using it for years across the country and around the world. I introduced the product to many people because I believe in it so much. I honestly want Michael and to succeed because their product is so simple yet so amazing. Take a look at this video I made about the Xshot.

Click the image below to purchase your very own Xshot from

If you want to see more posts about the Xshot with more of my photos using the Xshot please click the categories below. They will take you to my past posts about Xshot.

8 thoughts on “Free Shipping on XShot 2.0 till Valentine’s Day”

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask… I’ve had an xshot for a long time, but I hardly ever use it. I find I have to be really careful or the camera spins upside down (like the inner “tube” for lack of a better word spins around inside the others), it frustrates me so I don’t use it. Is this a user error (i.e. am I doing something wrong?), maybe a defect in the one that I have? I do believe it’s the 1.0 if that makes a difference.

    Jennifers last blog post..Self Portrait Sunday 1/25/09

  2. Jennifer,
    The one that you have is the 1.0. There was a problem with that version that caused the cameras to spin on occasion. This has been fixed in the 2.0 version with the addition of a channel on either side of the extender tube that makes the Xshot more rigid in design so that it does not spin from side to side. It was one of the issues I had with the 1.0 that I told Michael about. The 2.0 is much better, stronger and stable.

    But, how does that help you? One thing that I did was make sure that I didn’t fully extend the 1.0, having ti shorter made it stronger. Holding it as steady as I could too. Not a great fix I admit but the only other thing I could suggest would be duct tape but that isn’t much of a solution either. 🙂

  3. Drew,

    Thanks for being our number one fan on the internet! Your blogs and videos are just awesome!!

    Here’s a quote from my partner when I forwarded your video link: “that is all time bext Xshot video”

    Thank you Drew!

  4. Michael,
    Thanks so much. Those will not be the last videos from me. I will certainly be making more of them. I have a great idea for events and using the XShot. I can’t wait for you to see.

    Thank you also for believing in me way back when.

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