Friday Afternoon Softball Game

Yesterday my division of the company, Marketing, had a softball game over at Houghton Pond (Part of the Blue Hills Reservation.). There were two baseball diamonds there. We were playing on field #2. So we gathered up all the coolers, bats, balls and gloves and trekked out to the field to play. There were two teams, the blue and the white. I was on the blue team. We didn’t start that strong but we pulled together as the innings went on. Oh we didn’t win but it really wasn’t about winning anyway it was about having a good time. I started out in right field. Joanne played right center, Bob played left center, and Rick played left field. The infield had Sue as catcher, Hirsch as pitcher, David at first, Stephanie at second, Mike at short stop and Steve at third, Verena and Lynne were on my team too and they switched off into the infield. The white team had some power hitters with Scott, Ken, John, Mike, Micah, Jeff and Damien, Pam, Pam, Siohban & junior cheeleader Caroline, Jen, and John. Yeah they all pretty much got hits, and many of them cranked ‘em out to the outfield. Our scorekeepers and observers and cheerleaders were Melissa, Bill, Jaye, Christine, Julia & Russ, Traci, Susanne and Ruth. John’s wife Chris came with his two kids Colin and Jocelyn. They had a lot of fun running the bases after the game.

Hirsch pitched for two innings and then he asked me to pitch. Now I stay out in the outfield because I figure I can do the least amount of damage to the team by being out in right field against an entire team of right-handed players. Nothing coming my way so nothing to screw up. It all stems from not being a very good player in little league. I got to pitch once in little league and ended up getting a line drive to the head. Or maybe it was the throw from the catcher. Well, either way I wasn’t the pitcher for very long. So back out to deep, deep roving right field. The one thing I could do as a kid was throw the ball from the outfield to the infield without a cut off man, and pretty accurately too. But I digress.

My first inning as pitcher went very well, we got three fairly quick outs and I was very surprised at my pitching and fielding ability. The team did well at their next at bat and then we were back out on the field again. This time I didn’t pitch as well, but we made it through the inning relatively unscathed. At my next at bat I hit a pretty good one that dropped out into center field untouched. I got on first and as the rest of the team got up to the plate I was able to make my way around the bases. Coming off of second and rounding third I went too far off the field and twisted my ankle. Rolled it pretty good too. So I was out for the remainder of the game.

The blue team did not win but not for lack of trying, we had a lot of heart and made some nice plays but in the end the white team just had some more powerful hitters. After the game we got a group picture and then headed to the Blue Hills Sports Bar. Allison met me there, we each had a drink and then headed to the Cape. We just missed Peter as he was heading into the parking lot. I jumped out and chatted with him for a bit, maybe next time Peter.

The ride to the Cape was a very smooth one with very little traffic to speak of. We got off the highway and went through Buzzard’s Bay and stopped at the Lobster Pot for dinner. The Lobster Pot has been featured on the Phantom Gourmet a number of times. Allison and I love the Phantom Gourmet, but liked it better when Billy Costa was on it. So we watch his show TV Diner as often as we watch the Phantom Gourmet. Not sure exactly when it is on but we always seem to catch it when we are in New Hampshire.

After a delicious seafood platter and a stuffie (Stuffed Quahog for those not in the know) we continued on to the Cape house and when we got there we had a nice conversation with Sr. Bernadette, Fr. Felix and Jerry. These folks are regular guests who have been staying at the guest house for over 20 years of so. They are the only folks who still come up each year. Then it was an early bedtime for us. Got a full day of beach time ahead of us.

This morning I cropped all the photos from the softball game but wasn’t able to find the wireless high speed signal like I did last time I was down, so the pictures probably won’t be going up till I get home. Uploading 40 pictures through dialup is no fun. But I will upload the group shot. The pictures are going on my Buzznet account. I’ve created a new Gallery for them.

Company Softball Game