Fry Sauce Overload

Fry Sauce Overload
Photo-A-Day #1305

I think that more than one person can be free to say that I went extremely overboard on the amount of Fry sauce I made. I made nearly 2 cups of each sauce and only had about 15 people have any, I think I still have about 2 cups of each sauce left. We didn’t even make a dent. I guess I should have looked at what I was making and paired it down even more.

Because I had so much I went to work today with a cooler of the sauces and also packed the cooler with every ice pack in the house to keep them cold. I sent a message to everyone sitting around me that I’d have the sauce in one area of the caf and if people wanted they could come and taste test and judge. I got a few takers and some interested parties who didn’t participate. The one thing I assumed would be abundant at the caf was French Fries. And with my luck today was a day when they only had Tater Tots. Luckily we know that Tater Tots go very well with fry sauce and they certainly went well with the sauces today. Everyone who participated today was very enthusiastic about the sauces and they really liked most of them.

Now I have to tally all the votes for The Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest and create the video for the announcement of the winner which will be Nov, 10th. Now I’m off to dispose of the entries and I probably won’t eat any fry sauce for a good long time, or I may make some tomorrow, who knows.

I am beside myself happy with the number of people who are entering the Edge Tech Corp Photo Frame Contest. Thanks for all the entries, keep ’em coming.

Today was the last day for the IZEA insider applications to be added. There are ten spots and ten entrants right now. Only a little while longer for people to get in their entries. I am wondering where some of my blogging friends are because there are many of them who would make great IZEA insiders. But if they don’t apply that is okay because I’ll be recruiting for my crew (if I get picked)