Google has opened the floodgates on their new e-mail system. G-mail had been at beta status up till the other day and the only way to get in was through an invite. Well now it is open to everyone. I got myself a G-mail account. If you act fast then maybe that name that you’ve been searching for may still be available. Go to www.google.com.

Also you may have noticed that I added a couple of new web comics to the webtainment links section. I added two comics by the same guy, one is called Shortpacked and it is about toy collecting. Allison figured that the guy just followed me around and wrote down what I did. The second is called It’s Walky. Basically about a couple of roommates in college. Both are funny. Enjoy.

I’m also adding another one called Martin’s Misdirection. It is about a struggling magician. The first 55 strips are not online anymore. They were collected into a book and are now being sold on the site. From a business perspective that is good because if you are someone who needs to read something from the beginning you are gonna want to buy that book.

Also I added a link to 8 Legged Entertainment. If is a flash animation TV show in the vein of Good Eats, but hosted by an accident prone Octopus called Tako (which is Japanese for octopus for you sushi fans). The episodes actually give you good information about cooking as well as recipes and other tips. Enjoy.

Oh, and I’ve discovered the joys of changing colors and fonts on posts. In case you didn’t notice.