Get an XShot 2.0 from BenSpark

Before IZEAFest I received 12 XShot 2.0 camera extenders. This product is available to purchase through and you can even get $5.00 off your very own by using this promo code IZEASPARK8. The code is good till the 19th. I gave away 8 of them at IZEAFest and have 4 left to give away at Blog World Expo. So if you want one and you are going you’ll have to follow me on twitter and be one of the first people to find me when I send out a special XShot 2.0 tweet during the conference.

The lucky people who got XShot 2.0’s from Me were my original teammates for IZEAHunt, Lisa, Heather and Christine. Heather and Christine got snatched up on other teams. But before that we had a group photo at lunch and prior to the IZEAHunt itself.

At Lunch

Our Original Team

I was playing with the XShot 2.0 and Art, Jill and Michelle asked me for one as well. I gave one to each of them.

Xshot with Art
Art and I

XShot with Michelle Snow
Michelle and I

XShot with Jill
Jill and I

Ted and Me!
Then I gave an XShot to a couple of High Profile guys. One to Ted Murphy. He wanted me to hook him up. I did my friend, I certainly did.

John Chow's new Toy
I also gave one to John Chow and he immediately opened it up and started playing with it.

XShot with John Chow
John Chow and I

John I think you should use it to scout when you are on your T-Shirt “stealing” missions.

7 thoughts on “Get an XShot 2.0 from BenSpark”

  1. hey drew! thanks for being on my team!!!!

    also, i KNEW john stole shirts!!! i saw him walking out of our office with a rainbow of IZEA shirts when walking to lunch on Monday 🙂 also, i see how it is…no xshot for me, huh. ok, i’ll remember that.

  2. V,
    You were a great team leader. We had so much fun with you. Did you see the great picture of you with Allison and I. You will see it when I do my V centric post as well. I have many IZEA Posts to write and there is a V-centric one coming. Also Sorry I didn’t have any XShots with me left to give you one. Take Ted’s. 🙂 I will see what I can do about getting you one or maybe you might want to see about getting XShot as a client and getting one sent to you to use at IZEA.

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