Giveaway: Jiffy Lube $35 Gift Card to help with Keeping My Ride Alive

I was given the opportunity to run a $35 Gift Card Giveaway sponsored by Jiffy Lube and share with you tips from Jiffy Lube for Winter Driving. I have taken my car to Jiffy Lube many times over the past ten years of ownership. I’ve had really good experiences with Jiffy Lube and so I was happy to provide this giveaway to my readers. Below are some winter driving tips from Jiffy Lube.

Winter Driving Tips

  • Check Your Vitals: Knowing how to check for proper antifreeze and windshield washer fluid levels, battery power and tire pressure – among other key vehicle components – is a must to help conquer cold-weather driving.
  • Fill Up: Keeping your gas tank at least half full will help avoid gas line freeze-up. To conserve gas, run the heater just long enough to defrost.
  • Check Your Oil Grade: Using the recommended grade of oil for the winter months can help save money. Simply using your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil grade (found in your owner’s manual) can improve gas mileage by one-to-two percent.
  • Avoid Panic: If your vehicle breaks down or the weather makes it difficult to drive, you could find yourself stuck on the side of the road in freezing temperatures and in need of a vehicle emergency kit. Suggested items to have on hand include a first aid kit, jumper cables, a flashlight, bottled water, extra blankets, gloves and hat, energy bars, duct tape, a can of Fix-a-Flat®, an ice scraper and a hand shovel.

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    Jiffy Lube Gift Card Details:

    • The Jiffy Lube Gift Card can be redeemed for the popular Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, which provides drivers with much more than just an oil and filter change. The service includes changing, inspecting, checking/filling and cleaning key vehicle parts and fluids and offers drivers a quick and convenient way to maintain their vehicle.
    • A Jiffy Lube Gift Card can be loaded with any dollar amount from $5 to $300 and can be redeemed toward any Jiffy Lube preventive maintenance service.
    • The card has no inactivity fees or expiration date and it’s available for purchase at or in-store.

    Disclosure: I received two gift cards from giveaway sponsor, Jiffy Lube. The driving tips were also provided by Jiffy Lube.

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  1. I know they say keep some water in the car but um it was 15 this morning and my left over bottle of water was split. hate to think of a full one

  2. Through the years my father has always made sure my car was ready for the winter. He always filled everyone’s tank and put dry gas in,and made sure all the fluids were topped off. Thats how I learned how to prepare my car for the winter!

  3. I like the fact tht they are offering a $5 off coupon n thier website. But for sure would use to get an oi change for both of our vehicles. Both need it according to thwir stickers, This woul reaiiy help

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