Going to Blog World Expo and Postiecon….

I am headed to Blog World Expo on November 7th. I’m finally going to get to meet many of you in person. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen photos and you know who I am because of my Photo-A-Day. Did you know that this blog made it into the top 5 for the Blogger’s Choice Awards. I would have loved to have won that category or even been in the top 3. I don’t know how many votes I still need to make it to the top three because the number of votes that each of the top tier people have are now replaced with “???”. I have 188 votes so far and would really like to get more. Even if I made it to the 4th spot it would be cool. I need 19 more votes to make it there. Can you help me? Look at this page,

Best Photography Blog

wouldn’t The BenSpark look better in spot #4 or even #3? Sure it would. Heck I’d be happy to just break 200. If you haven’t voted yet there is still a little time. Please vote.

If you are going to Blog World Expo or Postiecon please leave me a note and let me know.