Good Friday Fish Fry at La Salette Shrine

Photo-A-Day #3297

This past week and the week before I’ve gone for walks around the trails behind La Salette Shrine. There are some very beautifully maintained trails there for nice walks. The first time I went was with Allison and Andrew. I didn’t have the right lens with me to shoot photos of the frogs around the vernal pond. I wanted to get some of those shots this week so I went back. It was too cold so, no frogs. When I was leaving I saw a sign saying that there would be a Good Friday Fish Fry. I figured, what the heck and I suggested it to Allison.

Fish Fry Time

We got there around 5pm and they were already out of chowder and would soon be out of fish. I have to say I would have thought that they would have planned better for a fish fry on Good Friday, one of the biggest no meet days for Catholics. I suppose that they probably had a big run on everything during lunch.

Awaiting Dinner

We were some of the youngest people there. The kids had a fun time and Eva discovered that she liked Fish and Chips. The same kid that doesn’t like fish sticks or beer battered fish at home couldn’t get enough of the fish tonight. We took a quick walk around the stations of the cross and I took a few photos including today’s photo-a-day image.