13 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 06/29/08”

  1. I don’t mean to hijack your post but was wondering if you would recommend a beginners SLR Camera. I see by your photo that you use Nikon. I was thinking about a Nikon D60. What type of lenses do you recommend?

  2. Mamaflo,
    Hijack away, I appreciate it when someone wants to pick my brain about cameras. The D60 is a great choice. As far as lenses I would recommend renting a few before you made your purchase. I recently rented two lenses from BorrowLenses.com. I got the Sigma 15mm fisheye and the lensbaby 3g. I hated the lensbaby. I wanted to get rid of that one right away. The fisheye was very cool though. Anyway, the point is that for a little bit of money you can try a couple of lenses before you make a big purchase. I would recommend a lens that lets you shoot macro though.

  3. Teresa,
    The flower is a Lantana, that is a nice name. I never know what the names are. And thanks so much for the nice words about Eva.

  4. Tricia,

    I’m trying to stay ahead of the game with Green Thumb Sunday. I hate it when I miss a Sunday because I feel I let people down. So one of these days I’m going to edit them all and write scheduled posts so you see them for months straight.

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