Guest Photo-A-Day

Allison and I are on our honeymoon and I have not taken the laptop or the means to post images for Photo-A-Day (I am bringing the camera and will be taking tons of pictures.). But don’t fret I have taken steps to keep you visually and mentally stimulated for the days we are away. I have solicited the help of many talented individuals to help with the posting of images and content. From November 14-22, 2005 the BenSpark will be featuring a Guest Photo-A-Day and a guest blogger, Mo, of We’re in a Fight.

Guest PADer #1 will be the one and only Christopher Williams. My inspiration behind Photo-A-Day. Back in 2002 Christopher took a Photo-A-Day and posted them to his website. Sounds like a simple concept, but some days it is much harder than you think. Christopher, however is an awesome folk singer and travels all over the country to play, so he has many great shots from all around the U.S. Allison and I love to go and hear Christopher sing. We had a few of his songs played at our wedding.

Christopher Williams Web Page
Christopher Williams Myspace Page
Christopher Williams Photo-A-Day

Guest PADer #2 will be Lisa Spodak. Lisa is a friend of Christopher’s from college and she has been taking a Photo-A-Day for a three years now. That is committment! And speaking of committments, Lisa walked in all eight (314 miles) of the Avon Breast Cancer Walks in 2005 and raised over $25,000 total. That is a fantastic accomplishment. Lisa has a rather unique way of raising donations, she gets celebrities to sign a tag on a breast cancer bear and then auctions them off, most with a picture of the celebrity and the bear. I tried to bid on the Neil Patrick Harris bear but lost.

Lisa’s Photo-A-Day
Lisa’s Cafe Express Store
Lisa’s Avon Walk Blog
Project Teddy Bear

Guest PADer #3 will be my friend from High School and now as well, Andy. Andy is a kite boarder and has written a book on Cisco Routers and has a great fiance named Rondi. Allison and I have spent many fun nights at their house playing board games and having great meals. Andy also comments on this blog often and that is a good thing because he has a rather dry, sharp, and funny wit. Andy has some great pictures of his dog Stephen. Let’s see what he takes this week.

Guest PADer #4 is Kym Rhoman. Kym is a fan of Christopher Williams and was also inspired to take a Photo-A-Day by Christopher Williams Photo-A-Day project. We have not met, but we were at the same Ellis Paul show back in October at Tupelo. After the show I posted about the show and Kym left a comment. Since then we have exchanged links and are fans of each other’s Photo-A-Day projects.

Kym’s Photo-A-Day
Kym’s Blog

Guest PADer #5 is my cousin Matt. Matt is a fantastic artist of many, many mediums. He is also an accomplished drummer and has been in many bands. His latest musical incarnation is called Bossburner. Matt also keeps a buzznet photo blog with some really great stuff. Matt, it seems, is all over the web. He has his own graphic design website called Spychild Design. He also has a site that showcases his art I am looking forward to what Matt has to post for his Photo-A-Day image. He’s been on buzznet less than six months and already has a featured photo. Great job.

Matt’s Buzznet Blog
Matt’s Art Page
Matt’s Bossburner Page
Matt’s Spychild Design Page

Guest PADer #6 is our friend Maureen, or rather, Mo. Mo runs here own blog called We’re In A Fight and she has the enviable task of making sure that each Guest Photo-A-Day that is posted during guest week on my Buzznet Account is then transferred to this blog. Mo also hosts a trivia contest each day and is one of the funnier people to breathe the air of this world. Mo will be doing the Prayer of The Faithful at our wedding and she is a former Saint A’s Residence Hall Director like I was. It was fun working up on the hilltop with Mo. And Mo was added as a contributing blogger to this blog so she can update it with content while we are away.

Mo’s Blog (We’re In A Fight)

Guest PADer #7 is the talented web comic artist Wes Molebash. You may recall that I purchased some of Wes’ original art recently. I ran across Wes’ comic You’ll Have That probably a month or two after it went up on the Viper Comic site. You’ll Have That is the story of Andy and Katie, a newly married couple. Allison and I just love Wes’ characters and his stories. We felt at one point that Wes was secretly taping our lives because the comics rang so true. Wes is also a very nice guy and genuine. We look forward to meeting Wes and his lovely wife Tricia if they ever come up this way to a comic convention.

Update: I wrote this whole thing before I received my fantastic gift from Allison, The weddig comic strip by Wes Molebash. Check it out.

Wes’ You’ll Have That webcomic
Wes’ Myspace Page

Guest PADer #8 is Gabrielle Krupnick. I found Gabrielle through Kym’s page. I’m looking forward to what Gabrielle contributes to Guest Photo-A-Day.

Gabrielle’s Photo-A-Day

Guest PADer #9 is Kostika. She is a fan of You’ll Have That and she volunteered to help me out when I put out the call on the YHT Forums. Kostika has her own moBlog (mobile phone blog) and some photography on

Kostika’s Blog
Kostika’s MoBlog
Kostika’s Photography

Please check out the Guest Photo-A-Day pictures and the homepages of the Guest PADers. They are being a great help to me while we are away.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Guest Photo-A-Day project. I can’t wait to see what everyone posts. (When we get back from Arubua that is.) Also be ready for all of the Photo-A-Day stuff I took while on the honeymoon. I’m sure there will be plenty of galleries uploaded upon our return.