GuestPAD-Day Six-Mo

Guest Photo-A-Day #6 11/19/05

Guess who’s baaaaack?!?! Hi everyone, I can’t believe that a meer week ago today Allison and Drew got married!!

Because they are in a beautiful location for their honeymoon, (and I am totally jealous!!) I decided to share a photo I took last Christmas in my favorite place in the world…Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Growing up, my dad’s cousin and his kids, as well as my family would all get together for a few weeks in some cottages at this beach. It’s about an our and a half from Tampa, right near Clearwater Beach. I have wonderful memories of my time spent here with my family. Unfortunately, a few years back the cottages were torn down and condos were put up in their place. Fortunately, (always an upside), my dad’s cousin bought one of those condos and was kind enough to let us stay there for the Christmas holiday last year. This was just one of the amazing sunsets I have witnessed on this coastline. The colors are perfect, I was very lucky.

If you care to, please stop by my blog . Peace, Mo