Guy’s Night August 2005

Have you ever played DDR? I know it is like the hottest game in arcades right now and has been featured in TV shows like King of the Hill, but I have never played before. That was until last evening. DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution and I guess that there are home edition mats that you can buy. Throw out the gazelles, bowflexes, and treadmills because this thing will kick your butt into shape. Or it will just kick your butt. Anyway I am limping a bit today because those things were not meant for people who land with the grace of a 4 left footed elephant. I had the camera with me but no one got a video of me playing this game, that would have been funny. I’ll have to get a video sometime.

Guy’s Night at the Funway Cafe was a the typical good time, boneless buffalo wings, fries, beers, popcorn and good conversation. Derek, Neil and I were joined by my friend Peter, you may remember Peter from my trip to the Reagan Library, Neil and Derek recognized him from that. So after confirmation of some political views Neil and Peter had a lengthy conversation and got along quite well. After we had our BB Wings and Beers we went to the game room and played a few of the games. Peter schooled me on Outrun 2 and Arctic Thunder but when it came to the shoot em ups I was king. And don’t even get me started again on DDR. I think the only dancing I have seen that was worse was on Daily Dancer.

Then we played Golden Tee. First you must imagine how much golf is boring to me. I don’t enjoy it, I have been known to state on occasion that if I am going to carry a stick in the woods all day and walk for miles then I had better be on top of a mountain when I’m finished. So you can imagine how much fake golf is something I would enjoy. But we were sharing in the camaraderie of being guys at Guy’s Night so certain games are tradition. We played 18 holes while the wait staff cleaned up the place and shot us dirty looks for hanging around so late when they wanted to close up early. Here are some pictures from Guy’s Night. And no I would not be amenable to golf for my Bachelor Party, no matter what the guys say.

Neil, Golden Tee Caddy of the Year.

Derek, with the Care Bear Stare

I did not get a picture of Peter because he is not thrilled with having his picture taken and their are agents of an undetermined branch of the government that may or may not be looking for him at this time. So Peter is in the background of these photos, observing the game. The big winner was Derek, despite my attempts to thwart his victory.