Happy Christmas Eve 2005

Allison and I are preparing any last minute items for the Christmas Holiday. We just watched…

It is a holiday tradition for me to watch this movie. I just love the subtle humor that you find in this movie, whether it be dialogue or a visual thing, there is so much in the movie that you may miss without the benefit of multiple viewings.

To me, this is the ultimate Christmas movie. Despite being so over the top at times it really does capture the craziness of the Holiday season. I am sure that Mo will add this as one of her Christmas Movies-A-Day once her back stops hurting. So, I won’t give my review of it. I did however want to share that this is a must see movie. My absolute favorite part is when Clark and Eddie are shopping. Eddie keeps tossing dog food on the cart and Clark puts on one box of light bulbs and Eddie drops a 50lb bag right on top of it and neither says anything. It is that subtlety that cracks me up. Clearly Chevy Chase was on top of his game in this movie. If only Vegas Vacation was this good. Although Ethan embry makes the movie as Mr. Nick Papagorgio.