Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Photo-A-Day #3320

I want to wish all those Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

We had a nice morning with Church first. Although before that Eva snuck downstairs and colored a picture on the door for Allison. Then I met everyone at Church where Father Dave asked Eva and two of her classmates if they would read a poem for the congregation after the Mass. She did a fantastic job. She spoke really well and was the only kid that you could hear. That could be because she is more confident in front of everyone and she is taller than her two classmates so she was right at the microphone.

After Mass we came home where we gave Allison the cards and gifts that we had made for her. I took some Color Wonder Paper and coated Andrew’s hand with layers of color wonder paint to make a little hand print card. We also gave Allison her Crayola Meltdown that Eva and I made. Allison decided on the metallic one. Eva also made a wonderful drawing with pastels.

I went to bed but Allison and the kids went for a hike and picnic over at World War I Memorial Park. The kids must have been very worn out because Andrew nearly feel asleep while eating dinner.