Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – St. Patrick’s History

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! Today is one of my most favorite eating holidays. For the past few years 3 including this one (I think) we have made Corned Beef and Cabbage and Potatoes and Carrots in the Crock Pot. This year we have two Crock Pots going all day to make over 8 pounds of Corned Beef. Why 8 Pounds? We are having a dinner of ten people tonight and want to make sure that there is enough left over for Allison to make some Corned Beef Hash! Although I leave for North Carolina tomorrow morning so none for me. In case you don’t know about all the history of Saint Patrick’s Day, here is a children’s site that explains it pretty well. Why a children’s site? I did a search and this one was the most easily accessible to all.

Kids Domain – St. Patrick’s History