Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Photo-A-Day #3156

We were at the Cape house for Thanksgiving today. Got down last night and had a good sleep until Andrew woke up around 5 something. We had a nice morning. Andrew learned not to touch the fireplace. We have been very good about telling him that it is hot and not to touch the fireplace. It is a gas fireplace with a glass front and in the morning it was going pretty good so it had some very pretty blue and red and orange flames. Andrew must have been intrigued because he headed over to it with his finger outstretched. We told him firmly that it was hot and No do not touch.

But, he touched it anyways. He’s testing his limits lately.

And, he learned what hot really meant. His finger touched the glass for a second and he knew hot. You could see it in his face, he knew that he shouldn’t have done that. He was fine, no burn or anything but he gave the fireplace a very wide berth the rest of the day.

Andrew continued to test the limits for the day and finally I had to take him for a ride in the car to get him to sleep. I tried watching a show with him on the iPad in our bed. It was all going well and he was tired. However, I was also tired and I dropped the iPad on him, twice. Luckily it isn’t that heavy and it on fell on his tummy and not his face. So, I wasn’t getting him to sleep in the pack and play, I had to get him into the car.

Andrew was out once I passed the end of our street but I kept driving because transitioning from the car to the pack and play wasn’t going to happen. We drove around Falmouth for a while. I pulled through the McDonald’s drive through because it was open and grabbed a coffee. I then drove over to one of the beaches and parked. It was noon so I scanned the radio stations until I found Alice’s Restaurant playing. Usually they play it at noon on Thanksgiving day. I found it on 94 HJY and listened while I watched the water. Andrew slept peacefully in the back seat. I nearly dozed off as well. Then got a text from Allison that I should head home for the meal.

We had a delicious meal thanks to my sister and Allison. Allison made a roasted vegetable and Kale salad that was very good. Tara got the turkey and prepared a bunch of sides as well. We sat down around two tables and enjoyed the meal.

After dinner we enjoyed conversation and watching the kids play. Both Andrew and Eva were a lot of fun today. Inspired by the Goldiblox video or something of that nature Eva decided that she wanted to make a “Snack Trap” in her room. It was basically a bag of chips on a long ribbon that she dropped down at you as you came into her room, but she’s thinking about things in a mechanical way. We had fun being “surprised” by the trap. Andrew bounced from activity to activity like a whirling dervish and didn’t stay doing much of anything for that long. I got today’s photo in one of those rare moments where he stopped and spent time on an activity. Coloring seems to be one of those activities that he really enjoys.

After dinner and most everyone left my Dad and I got the small decorative Christmas tree from the attic and brought it down so that they could decorate it with the kids. We had our moments where we needed to keep Andrew away from it but he was just trying to help. However, I foresee a fence around our Christmas tree this year.