Have you Heard of the HyperRace?

Photo-A-Day #3284

I received two Air Hogs remote control toys the Hyper Actives 5 and the HyperTrax. Air Hogs is doing an online contest to find out which of the two vehicles are faster. That is why they sent them to me, so I could perform my own race. So, I took a couple of my co-workers down to a room to see which was the fastest. As I expected, the Hyper Actives 5 was faster, but the HyperTrax was not far behind at all. I took some video and we did a few races. I think we need to try again, though. So I brought in another one of my older Air Hogs HyperActive vehicles and we’ll see if that one is a contender or not.

Here’s what Air Hogs Says about each of the vehicles

AIR HOGS Hypertrax
Awesome for: Off-road, kicking up dirt, driving over rocks

  • Flip over and drive on both sides
  • 2.4GHz for amazing range and control
  • Independent suspension

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99

AIR HOGS Hyper Actives 5
Awesome for: High-speeds, massive jumps, flat ground

  • 5-wheeled stunt vehicle
  • Shock compression tires
  • Durable body construction
  • 2.4GHz communication for amazing range

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99

What did I think about the two Air Hogs HyperActive vehicles.

The Hyper Actives 5

The HyperActives 5 Wheeler

The Hyper Actives 5, the 5 wheeled stunt car, is pretty amazing. It is one of the more fun remote controlled cars I have played with. The steering is excellent and it handles great. The car does not spin out every other thing. I have not actually been able to spin it out like I have with other cars and like the HyperTrax. This does make the turning radius a bit larger but the car stays in control and that is good especially if you are aiming for jumps and other stunt features.

And speaking of jumps and stunts, the fifth wheel is sick. When the car flips over it can still drive using that fifth wheel. You can right the car by turning sharply when the fifth wheel is the main source for motion. We jumped that car off of a ping pong table and it bounced and flipped and landed upside down and then got righted. I took a video of that.

The HyperTrax

The HyperTrax

The HyperTrax is a vehicle with two independent rubberized treads. They are thick and knobby so they are perfect for grasping and climbing over things. If the Hypertrax gets stuck against a wall it can climb up enough to flip itself over and then travel on the reverse side. The HyperTrax has more sensitive steering and it ends up spinning out unless you take careful control to make sure that it drives the way you want it to.

So, which was the faster vehicle?

Hyperactives HyperRace

Here is the race that I held. You can see that the Hyper Actives 5 hits that back wall first but the HyperTrax is not far behind at all.

I’ll have to try a few more races to get a definitive answer.