Help Stock Eva’s Farm

Help Stock Eva's Farm

When my Dad was growing up he would raise cows, chickens and even a pig. He’s part of a large hardworking family and those animals helped the family out with milk, eggs and meat. A small family farm is not as common in America now. Many things are commercialized and there are huge farms. This is not so in the rest of the world. In the rest of the world, a cow, flock of chickens or even a goat could mean the difference between life or death for a family.

Today I was watching TV with Allison, okay I was playing on the computer and half watching and half paying attention, but forget that, we were watching Good Morning America. There was a segment about WorldVision International. This is an organization that takes donations from people to buy goats, cows and livestock for people in poor nations to help them help themselves.

I went to the site and tried to give a donation, you are supposed to be able to buy a share of an animal so if say 12 people donate $12 they can buy a cow for a family so that family can have milk or eventually meat. I was unable to make a donation for a share. It was not very easy so I popped over to Heifer International. I later went back to World Vision International and saw my mistake, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to detail, it is actually easy to donate.

I first heard about Heifer International through Cali Lewis of Last year made a podcast called iYule. It is a great podcast that gives you a fireplace on your iPod. It also has a wonderful soundtrack by Geoff Smith. There are a few different choices for this item.

* iYule Log for standard players
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Full Disclosure – I get affiliate money from the sale of this podcast. By Buying iYule you also contribute to Heifer International because the sales of the podcast goes towards three great charities. I will give money from all of the sales to Heifer International in order to buy a Llama. I hope to be able to buy a whole llama which is $150.00 (We gave $20 ourselves this morning so we just need $130 to go)

Okay, so more about Heifer International. Heifer’s mission statement is

Heifer’s Mission to End Hunger

Heifer envisions…
A world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.

Heifer’s mission is…
To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

Heifer’s strategy is…
To “pass on the gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

Heifer’s History
This simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief caught on and has continued for over 60 years. Today, millions of families in 128 countries have been given the gifts of self-reliance and hope.

I believe in helping people to sustain their lives through work. I believe in programs like Habitat for Humanity because each person who is helped must help themselves by building their homes. That is why I am so proud of Ted Murphy for donating his $500 from Sears to Habitat for Humanity in the form of some much needed tools.

We decided up on donating towards a llama and a flock of chicks. A Llama from Heifer International is $150 and you can purchase on in shares of $20. I’m looking for people to help us purchase a whole llama. We bought one share and so need at least 5 more people to make purchases or many people to buy the iYule podcast to help in the purchase of the Llama.

Here is what a llama can do for a family.

Light Up a Life With a Llama

When resources are scarce, it’s important that livestock don’t use up land reserved for people. At home in rough, mountainous areas of Latin America, llamas are a blessing to families with limited pasture land because they can eat the scrub vegetation that other domesticated animals won’t eat. Llama droppings help fertilize topsoil — improving crops and reducing erosion.

Women weave their llamas’ fleece into warm clothing to wear or sell. They load them up with goods for market and trek with them across rugged slopes at high altitudes. As they travel, llamas’ padded feet don’t damage the fragile terrain and their selective browsing doesn’t destroy sparse vegetation.

Llamas and their kin, the alpaca, provide Heifer families with invaluable sources of transportation, income and wool, which is prized for making blankets, ponchos, carpet and rope.

Llamas are remarkably disease resistant and require little care; they can carry small loads for distances over rugged slopes at high altitudes.

The title of this post: Eva’s Farm

We’d like to ask bloggers to help to stock Eva’s Farm. Eva’s Farm is an idea I had to get people to donate to Heifer international either through sales of the iYule or direct donations to Heifer International or WorldVision International. You can donate as low as $10.00 I think. $10 is 1/6 of a trio of rabbits, 1/12 of a pig. The idea is that a little, when banded together can make a large impact. I would like to make a large impact as well. So if you are interested in helping to stock Eva’s Farm here is what you do. Go either to Heifer International or WorldVision International, make a donation, once you’ve made the donation you have the option to tell a friend. Send me an e-mail to benspark @ benspark dot com with your web address and I’ll compile a list of people who have made donations to help stock Eva’s Farm. I will then make a post about those who helped to stock the farm.

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  1. A great supporter of World Vision is is a dual-purpose site for building an English vocabulary and raising money for under privileged children in the most impoverished places around the world.

  2. what kind of rabbits are they buying? $60 for 3 rabbits seems like a lot especially when you can get a whole Llama for $150. I think the Llama is a better deal.

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