Her New Razor Scooter

Photo-A-Day #3108

Eva’s big birthday gift from us was a Razor Scooter, Helmet and pads. I actually got the scooter in New York when I attended the Time to Play event. I was scheduled to meet with the rep from Razor but my train ride went kaflooey and I missed the appointment. Luckily, she was awesome and set one of the scooters aside for me. This was great news because when I learned that I might be getting a Razor scooter I knew that it was going to be a birthday gift for Eva. She is very excited about it and is looking forward to doing a review.

The scooter is actually something that we hope will help with her PT for the in-toeing. As she learns more how to ride the scooter and can hold herself up longer and with more balance it will strengthen her legs and help her overall.

There was no school for Eva today so we got to enjoy a night long morning together and she even helped me start a review for a MEGA Bloks Skylanders Swap Force set. We got the whole thing built but couldn’t finish the video in time for me to get to sleep. I’l have to record the close up stuff tomorrow.